Electives for:

The Marketing Certificate / General Business Electives / Sport Business / Digital and IMC
Global Business Electives for the International Business Certificate

MKT 494
International Branding:
Defining and Developing Winning Strategy

Gain insight into how to keep brands fresh, relevant, and successful. Discover ways to grow a brand without jeopardizing creativity. Learn how to provide inspiration and clear guidance to development teams. Find out how to give creative briefings, without boxing-in collaborators. See how co-creating products and services can jump-start success. Explore how creativity in design and promotion drives revenue and market share. Learn what successful work looks like (metrics and measurements). 

MKT 494
Crafting Brand Experiences:
Creativity in Action

Study the ways and means of the best and brightest creative minds and explore how to produce interesting work that builds strong brands while inspiring people all over the world. Learn how agencies employ creativity and design thinking to meet client challenges. Develop means to empower ambitious and passionate people (like yourself) and to exude confidence with clients. Find out where to look for inspiration. Explore how to come up with original and big ideas. Gain insight into how to manage the relationship between the idea, media channel and client. 

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