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I'm Ready!

Click below to link to the application on ASU's Study Abroad Office page.

You will need to sign onto using your ASU-Rite ID

MKT 494 Prerequisites:

MKT 300, 302, 303,

390, or 395 or by application.


Haven't taken one or these classes? Simply
enroll for Spring '23

Non-business major?

Take MKT 390 or 395



JMC 494 Prerequisites:

MCO 397

JMC 570 Prerequisites:

MCO 561


Complete the

application now.

Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 12.13.37

Limited to

30 Students

Applications reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis.


Complete the


Funding Your Study Abroad

Click on the button below to see ideas from the Study Abroad Office on ways to fund your trip.



  • ASU Tuition for 3 credits

  • Full Admission to the Cannes Lions Festival

  • ASU Faculty Lead Courses and Support

  • International Health Insurance

Program $TBD


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